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As the only Pole in the history I finished the most difficult long-distance cycling race in the world in 2014 Race Across America solo (4800 km non-stop). Race time: 11 days 19 hours 33 minutes.

I share my sports experiences and preparation experiences for this challenge with, among others, business people (managers, sales representatives) showing on my own example how to achieve above-average sport and business goals through internal motivation and consistency. The content and form of the lecture is adapted to the needs of the recipients.

So far, I have delivered dozens of inspirational and motivational lectures for managers and sales leaders in large and medium-sized companies in the industry, including financial, technological and publishing.

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Team Building

To achieve success in Race Across America we had to build an effective team capable of achieving the largest goal on a national scale. The achievement we have achieved is the result of a team of 9 people.

Trust us and build an effective team that will do the big things!


Achieving Big Goals

A few years ago I had the courage to dream of a big goal. I did it against the usual patterns, myths, etc. I followed my heart and I just really wanted to do it. I found my own way to achieve the goal, because each goal can be achieved in many ways.

Use your heart to achieve something really big. If you really want it, we’ll help you achieve it.