128 words about the RAAM

In English, Race Across America 2014, Wyścigi
27 lip 2014 00:34

A lot of people passed me in the first few hours. Also, those who did not finished. I was racing with my pace. The route led up the hill. It was warm, even hot. I felt it fine. On the top – the beautiful view of the desert. Then – the ride down, even 80km / h.  I liked the desert. It’s not bad on the bike, because there is the wind, so 44 Celsius degrees is not bad. It was worse after the downhill from the hight of 3500m. 6 degrees, wet and cold. It was necessary to call the RV. The crew made a good job – a hot bath, sleep and food. Time passed very nice. I was doing on 60%. Guys talked to me. Sometimes it was like a meeting with friends, not – the race. I was thinking about cycling – not, how far is the finish line. In Appalachian Mountains, weather was worse. It was disturbing. We had to speed up. We managed it. Then we could enjoy.

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