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28 sty 2015 01:26

12 states. Each different. From the most interesting and foreign for me – California, to Maryland and Pensylvania, that did not surprise as much.

California is the paradise. In February and March you experience 15-20 Celsius degree and 25-30 in June. The climat is very comfortable, because of the wind form the ocean. All things are americans, different, big and chilled. The pool at the motel. The motel close to Oceanside. That was my awsome vacation. The week of idleness – the rest from everything, relax, training… It was perfectly. Every day during the whole week I started training on the same route – the begining of the Race Across America’s track. Spa, palms, the ocean, pinapple juice… and density of people which was significantly lower than in Europe. US surface can accomodate all the natives, tourists and vacioners with no crowd.

The beginning of the race is uphill. Half a day of uphill. I start at 12:49 and finish it in the evening. Then the speed is quite high, I make maxes on Endomondo, because of windy downhill just into the desert. Cosmic views. I feel like somebody releases for me the new world, where I land with the speed of 60-80km/h. Happily the are the turns, which bring me attention. The wind blows like crazy emphasizing the importance of the event. At the end – the long straight roads making the night from the day. The wind in the back and hurling sand snakes on asphalt.

After California deserts there is the time for Arizona. Indian reserves. We do uphill. Temperature to. Finally I noticed 44 C. The road down slightly. On the left side – hardly visible the Grand Canion, but it looks good to. I cycle in the middle of Navajo Indian Reservation. On both sides I have little whirlwinds. I feel like in a fairy tale!

Utah was only for a moment. Under the sign of Indians. The Monument Valley, unfortunately, was seen in the moonlight only… It’s a reason for come back.

The next was Colorado. Here we attacked the highest elevation – 3300m above sea level, through the Wolf Creek Pass in the Rocky Mountain. The temperature dropped to 5 Celsius degrees. It was easier than the Grossglockner or Kuhtai in the Alps. Definitely easier. Then I had to pay for the lack of clothes change. I was very wet and cold. We were forced to rest and warm up in the RV. Additionally – the magical La Veta, full of wild animals on the streets. Also some people on the side of the road … really did they sift gold ??? And this mysterious small town called Trinidad. Then the evening-night drive with chasing wild animals and mutual overtake the other riders with competition, who has better music. Our song for children „Fantasy, fantasy …” won 🙂

Kansas! Favorites … It was warm. Straight road, perfect asphalt, no traffic – all for me! I remember the entrance to the state – light turn left, then right, a silo at the right side and ….peaeaeaceee…. Next – tracts of cows – one by one and the several-kilometer-long irrigation calipers silhouetted as in the Google Maps.

Mississippi River – between Missouri and Ilinois.

Then, Indiana and Ohio. The states are changing rapidly, but impressions not as fast. Nature is more and more similar to ours, in the Europe. Less surprising.

The States lie more densely. Suddenly West Wirginia. There is rather flat road. Sometimes hills. Then ups and downs more frequently. The temperature drops – 20 Celsius degrees „only”. We drive in the Appallachians, but here is only one demanding uphill. I remember it, because I felt cold.

Next Maryland and Pennsylvania exchanging one another. Rather flat. Beautiful, fabulous villages, accociated with battlefields. In Mount Airy – memorable bike shop with big parking lot, where ran fatbikes and tandems. I still remember this Czarek’s photo inside the shop with hundreds bikes hanging below the ceiling.

After that was only Annapolis :))))

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